Personal Training

As a lifelong athlete and avid fitness participant I can find the benefits in most physical endeavors.

    Currently I hold a Certified Personal Trainer certification and a Core Training Specialist certification with ACE, as well as Suspension training, Functional Training, and Group training certifications with TRX. A certification with Stick Mobility allows me to do tremendous rehabilitation work post injury as well as help athletes enhance their performance and power output.

    My true passion lies in utilizing evolutionary movements and calisthenics as well as inspiration from gymnastics stability training and yoga to educate my clients on the benefits of exploring and knowing ones body. It is the best gym you can go to. Other modalities that I work with include Kettlebell, barbell, and resistant band training.

    I have worked with a wide variety of clients. From the over 60 hockey and golf player coming back from ankle surgery trying to stay enjoying their activities, to the soon to be wed preparing for the big day, to the 30 something moving from the desk to the BJJ mat, to the busy parent that just wants to improve their health to stay in step with the youngins. I love working with all types and challenges because we all need to take care of our physical.