Small Group Training

The bridge between large group and one on one. Small group training allows the opportunity to address the individual needs in the class. Training groups max out at 8 participants allowing us to scale exercises to individuals needs and leaves them with personal fitness focuses to add to their personal regimen.

You can attend one of my regular classes at Back Bay Boxing or if you are looking to setup a class for a small group please contact me for scheduling.  

Morning Mobility

A 30 minute class designed to wake up, prepare, & improve your body for the day to come.  Focus will be brought to breathing, posture, and alignment. Utilizing natural movement and stick mobility you will improve your mobility and strength. Leaving class energized, focused, & ready for the day.

Thursdays & Fridays @ 745am
30 minutes | $15 per class


Focused Strength

A 55 minute class designed to improve the mind body connection within strength training in order for mindful movement to permeate all aspects of life. 10 & 15 minute sections utilizing natural movement & isometric activation wake up all cognitive, muscular, & vascular systems.

Then a 20 minute circuit emphasizes strength building through complexity. The class concludes with 10 minutes of static stretching and discussion on how to thoughtfully engage our movement throughout our day.  

Thursday @ 645am
55 minutes | $25 per class