Who is Joseph Santos?


For me fitness was a way to freedom before it was a profession. Despite playing semi-professional football until I was 29, I had fallen into poor physical condition. A decade at a desk job, high stress life, and physical abuse had me sore, sick, and dysfunctional. After doctor visits, physical therapist, etc... I had no answers and lots of discomfort.

Following pieces of information from all my visits and scans, and doing my own research, the answer was clear…... I simply needed to evolve! The way I took care of my body after workouts and activities was off. The way I looked at food and nutrition was skewed. Many of the very techniques I thought gave me the best chance at being fit and strong were based off of misinformation passed down widely for decades. I needed to change the way I looked at posture, flexibility, nutrition, sleep, and training.

In the end there were parts that I knew or had come across the problem was understanding how each little thing I do or don't do affects my body. In pieces, doing all of this sounds overwhelming. To understand it as a whole and how it directly contributes to your own personal goals and ambitions, is energetic and enlightening. This is why I am a personal trainer. These are principles that I hope to reinforce as an outline while achieving all the specifics. Leaner, Bigger, Faster, More Power, Strength, Mobility.....

Becoming a personal trainer is more than just a career. It is a way for me to reach people and make real change in their life. It is a way to improve lives. Something we should all be so lucky to achieve in any way, however big or small.

Simply Evolve's Mission


Simply Evolve is the venture of a man on a mission. A continuing mission to progress daily in all aspects of life; a mission that pursues a life full of physical capability and free of physical discomfort  while simultaneously incorporating  the significance of maintaining a healthy mind and soul. Simply Evolve’s purpose is to ensure students acquire fundamental information and the tools necessary to achieve physical freedom.  

While accomplishing smaller targets leading to total comprehensive well-being, students will learn the importance of posture, proper technique, & recovery, as well as the substantial role mental focus plays on physical growth. Simply Evolve strives not just to support go-getters, but develop individuals who pay it forward, accompanying others on their journey to foster an even more positive impact on our families, friends, communities and the world around us.